Energy saving design

The Engineering behind the QUALITY

Technik Heat radiators have evolved over 25 years of constant technical innovation at our German manufacturing base.

Our unique combination radiators store heat directly into the ceramic Heat–Retention Tablets, without any loss of energy

Approximately 50% radiant heat and 50% convected heat is created, to give a much more consistent temperature throughout the room, from floor to ceiling:

Technik Heat UK Radiators are unique due to the metal ribs being individually spot welded which prevents noise during the heating up and cooling down cycle.


The thermostat cuts the power when the radiators reach the required temperature

  • The radiator will continue to provide heat, (that has been stored in the ceramic tablets), for up to 45 minutes with no further use of electricity.
  • The radiators will use approximately 20 – 30 minutes of electricity per hour, depending upon on the building fabric and the outside temperature.

Safety features

  • The contacts inside the radiators are protected with heat shrinkable insulated sleeves to ensure optimum safety.
  • Multiple thermocouples within each radiator provide overheat protection for additional safety.
  • The heating conductors are produced from high quality chrome-nickel steel (resistant to scaling up to 1100 °C) which are moulded into the ceramic tablet, reducing the risk of corrosion.