Performance Tested

Technik Heat UK delivers premier heating products across the UK

Our range of combination radiators is produced in Germany and complies with the appropriate standards of the European Union and Certificate Institutes:

  • Applicable Europe-wide
  • Safety tested
  • Production controlled

60 minutes of radiant heat for every 15-20 minutes of electricity used

Independently tested in Germany at -7°C outside temperature over a 24 hour period

The text within the full Test Results pdf, downloadable below, shows a total of 5 hours 52 minutes of electric power required through a 24 hour period, therefore only using electricity for less than 25% of the time to keep the test room at 21°C through the daytime and 16°C through the night.

The unshaded section at the bottom of the graph is when the radiator is consuming electricity and the shaded section at the top is when it is not.


Download 24 hour test results PDF data sheet