Total control

Thermostatically controlled systems

NEW Wireless thermostat means you can heat your home with total control…

We offer a choice of thermostatic controls or time and temperature controls, all of which are easy to use.
Please click here to view a set of instructional videos which explain various features of the Built-in Thermostat controller

Control options

There are 3 types of electronic thermostat control that can be supplied with your choice of our radiators:

7-day programmable electronic built-in thermostat:

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Wireless radio frequency electronic thermostat controller – remote control:


Electronic manual thermostat:


Please note: The Electronic Thermostat and radio frequency models provide the luxury of Time and Temperature control, which makes them ideal for stand-alone heaters.

Thermostat features

Summary of main features

NOTE: For a fuller explanation of items covered on this page, please download our operating instructions here

Comfort Temp:
Indicates the required Comfort Temperature.

Permanent comfort mode:
The comfort set-point temperature can be modified by pressing the + or – button.
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Economy TempEconomy Temp:
The Economy setting default is 3.5 degrees lower than the comfort setting.

The Economy setting can be set up to 10°C lower than the comfort temperature.

Programming ModeProgramming Mode:
The radiator can be programmed to allow for different temperatures over 24 hours / 7 days as required

Heating Demand ModeHeating Demand Mode:
The icon indicates when the radiator is in ‘heating demand’ mode.

Automatic ModeAutomatic Mode:
Once selected, the radiator will follow the program set in programming mode.

Timer-Boost ModeTimer / Boost Mode:
When in “Auto Mode” manually adjusting the temperature will activate the heater for 1½ hours, after which the heater will automatically revert back to the original program.

Frost ProtectionFrost Protection:
Frost protection temperature can be set between 5°C and 15°C.

Other features

Keypad locking function

Holiday Mode: The radiator can be set to ‘OFF’ for the period of your holiday.

Backlight timeout setting: The timeout for the display backlight can be adjusted between 0 and 225 seconds.