Instruction Videos

Instruction Videos

Here you can find a number of “how to” instruction videos which explain various features of the Built-in Thermostat controller:

link to built-in-control-instruction video

Latest Built-in Control Instruction

A full overview of the built-in controller introduced in mid-2017

link to bt-controller-intro video


Introducing our Technik Heat German electric radiators with the Built-in Thermostat.

link to bt-controller-on-off-and-info video

On, Off and Info

How to turn our Technik Heat German electric radiators on and off, and explaining the Info button.

link to bt-controller-setting-time-and-day video

Setting Time and Day

How to set the Time and Day.

link to bt-controller-setting-temperatures video

Setting Temperatures

How to set the Comfort, Economy & Frost temperatures.

link to bt-controller-auto-mode-intro video

Automatic Mode Intro

Introducing the Automatic Timer Mode.

link to bt-controller-auto-mode-programming video

Automatic Mode Programming

How to set the 24/7 Automatic Timer Mode.

link to bt-controller-timer-and-boost-mode video

Timer and Boost Mode

How to set a Boost Timer at your chosen temperature for a period from 30 minutes up to 72 hours.

link to bt-controller-holiday-mode video

Holiday Mode

How to set the Holiday mode from 1 to 365 days absence.

link to bt-controller-child-lock-mode video

Child Lock Mode

How to lock the controls, for example as a child lock facility.